Joan O’Rourke’s article on the outplacement market in Turkey

Outplacement in Turkey

by Joan O’Rourke, Partner with OneWorld Consulting, Istanbul

With a population of an estimated seventy-five million people and with half being under the age of thirty years, Turkey is one of the most dynamic and fast growing economies in the world. According to recent statistics, Turkey is ranked as having the fourth largest labor force among European Union countries. Over the past decade, the GDP has grown three fold reaching over USD 800 billion in 2013, making Turkey an industrial powerhouse in its region. Outplacement is becoming better known in Turkey and understood as an important part of the employee lifecycle process. Though it is still a nontypical practice and the market is small, it is starting to now grow significantly. It provides support to our clients during times of change and forms an important part of their strategy of how to manage departing employees. As outplacement is a developing service offering in Turkey we often find ourselves introducing and explaining the benefits of outplacement to human resources professionals, outplacement candidates and executive management teams. We have seen the level of awareness of the value outplacement can bring increase over the last few years and this has resulted in an increasing number of Turkish as well as international companies requesting outplacement services. Our outplacement clients tell us they see the benefits both for their departing employees and for the ones who stay behind. We have traditionally seen outplacement being provided to top level executives but we are also seeing an increase in the uptake of outplacement for employees at different levels within an organization. Typically for senior executives this is a face-to-face program of a longer duration than for mid-level managers, with group programs being requested for lower level employees. Currently, there are no legal requirements regarding the provision of outplacement services to departing employees in Turkey and there is no indication that this is likely to change anytime soon. We are still seeing that most job opportunities for our outplacement candidates are concentrated in the larger Turkish cities, mostly Istanbul, but increasingly in the larger industrial cities of Adana, Bursa, Gaziantep, Izmir and in the capital, Ankara. We view this as a positive development but it still remains a challenge for professionals to find work in the second tier cities. Age is another important issue for our outplacement candidates. While we actively support and promote diverse hiring processes among our clients, unfortunately, job opportunities for older employees tend to be limited as clients still favor hiring younger people. We also see that it remains difficult for older, more experienced executives to switch professions and sectors as employers usually look for experienced people and often view those coming from another sector as a hiring risk. However, we work hard to challenge the views of our clients on this and believe things are changing slowly. The length of time it takes for an outplacement candidate to find a new role depends on the individual’s experience and expectation. We are seeing that it usually takes up to six months for middle level managers to find a new role and for senior executives it can take six to twelve months. We have not seen a significant change in this over the last two to three years.

This article is from the Career Star Group’s 2015 First Quarter newsletter


OneWorld Consulting joins Career Star Group, world’s leading outplacement group

Leading Turkish people consulting organisation, OneWorld Consulting joins Career Star Group

The Board of the Career Star Group are delighted to announce that Tim Bright, Joan O’Rourke and their team at OneWorld Consulting have joined the Group, representing Career Star Group in Turkey. OneWorld Consulting is a quality-focused People Consulting Firm consisting of a national and international team. With combined experience of over 100 years in Turkey and international markets, they are a great fit for Career Star Group.

Bev White, Chair of Career Star Group said: “We are delighted to welcome Tim, Joan and their team to the Career Star Group, representing us in Turkey. The outplacement market in Turkey is slowly developing in line with the growing acknowledgement by global employers of the positive impact that outplacement provision at all levels has on the employer’s reputation. In line with the global trend seeing outplacement continuing to move away from being a service traditionally only provided to top level executives, we are seeing that it is also increasingly made available to support employees at all levels of organisations in Turkey, so we are very pleased to have OneWorld on board.”

By aligning the leading career transition firms in each market, Career Star Group ensures that an organisation’s departing employees receive services from experts in their country, who have unparalleled knowledge of the job market, access to the best resources, and have extensive local business networks. It is this local knowledge and focussed career transition expertise that will ensure employees receive the best career transition support available and achieve their objectives quickly.

Tim Bright, Managing Partner said: “As part of our ongoing commitment to further strengthening our career transition capability in Turkey, the OneWorld Consulting team is delighted to become a partner of Career Star Group and join the best career transition organisations in the business. We believe this partnership will augment our offering of high quality flexible programs by combining global best practices with local expertise and leveraging the global network and relationships to provide seamless cross border career transition solutions.”


About Career Star GroupCareer Star Group is a global alliance of the world’s leading career transition and outplacement providers. Career Star Group provides multinational companies with access to the best career transition service providers regardless of where workforce changes occur. Find out more

About OneWorldOneWorld Consulting
OneWorld Consulting provides tailored solutions to organisations as they work with their employees at all stages of the talent lifecycle. We help organisations find and recruit the best talent with Executive Search. We work with companies to develop talent in effective ways through Executive Coaching and Mentoring programmes. We work with Leadership Teams to make them more effective, and provide People Advisory services to advise clients on a range of people issues. When people are working in new environments, or diverse groups are working together, we provide support with Intercultural Consulting. When an employee leaves an organisation we provide customised Outplacement Consulting. We work with local and international businesses in Turkey across a wide range of business sectors and deliver our services with energy, passion and knowledge, while keeping to high ethical standards.

OneWorld Consulting is a leading provider of outplacement services in Turkey. We specialise in providing customised programs that will provide relevant advice and support. We have a particular track record of working with senior level executives across a wide range of industry sectors.

Recruitment in Turkey. The Dos and Don’ts. by Joan O’Rourke, Partner, OneWorld Consulting, Turkey

Earlier this year I was asked to talk to a group of Irish investors at a Trade Mission in Istanbul organised by Enterprise Ireland. Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. Approximately twenty five Irish companies participated in the mission from a wide range of industry sectors, some with previous experience of working in Turkey and some just starting out. The topic I was asked to  speak on  was “General Recruitment Dos and Don’ts in Turkey” and to offer insight into this aspect of doing business in Turkey. The event was attended by the  Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Eamon Gilmore T.D.

I have been involved in recruitment in Turkey for the last 10 years, and along with  my colleagues at OneWorld Consulting,  have recruited many senior to mid level executives for our clients across a wide of industry sectors. We work with international and Turkish organisations and new companies entering the Turkish market. As one might imagine there could  be a long discussion on recruitment dos and don’ts but to keep it short and simple the key points were highlighted  as follows.

Primary advice for new companies entering the Turkish market is to do your research in terms of talent in the market and what kinds of people profiles you can and cannot expect to find. Do be realistic about who you need to recruit into the organization and who you can  attract to the organisation. Do avoid over or under recruiting as this can lead to various challenges down the road, by this I mean avoid recruiting people who are over or under qualified for the role in question. Do benchmark the people you meet against others. Do look for calibre and quality of people exactly as you would do at home, over people who may appear to have the right connections or network, for example. Do proper reference checks on candidates you want to hire. Do know the salary levels and benefits for the sector so you can benchmark your offer. Experience shows that things may often go wrong at the negotiation stage where expectations on both sides are not met  so having clear information on salary levels is very important. Do pay attention to cultural differences and the nuances in the market as you would do in your home country. Do be open minded during the recruitment process  as candidates may be younger than expected.  For example, we worked with an international client and the hiring manager based in Europe was surprised to see highly qualified Turkish candidates with 8 to 10 years of experience versus the 15 years plus of experience the same job holder in the UK would have. And finally, do work with a recruitment partner who can provide insight and support and who can help find the right people so you don’t have to invest so much of your valuable time searching for people who may not be a fit for the organization

Regarding the don’ts, our advice to the audience was don’t forget that the recruitment best practices you have at home will also apply here, that is, you need to thoroughly assess and evaluate candidates for key roles as you would at home. Don’t make unnecessary assumptions, for example, on such issues as gender or age.  And finally, don’t forget to do your due diligence and use your common sense, just as you would do at home.

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